Welcome to Karaoke List Pro! 

For Singers: 

Download the FREE app for your phone. Then ask your host for their Show Code. It should be a simple 3-5 digit code like KARK or MIKEP. Download the app for your phone by clicking one of the app links above. Then Enter the Show Code to Login, and Search away. Features Coming Soon: Save Favorites Lyrics Search Send your Song Request directly to your Karaoke Host

For Karaoke Hosts: 

Use the PC version to create your Karaoke Database and Upload for Mobile Apps. The PC version of Karaoke List Pro creates a database of your available karaoke songs. It then super compresses that database and uploads it to a special place on the internet accessible via the Karaoke List Pro Phone Apps (available for Android and Apple phones). All your customers have to do is download the app and enter a Show Code that you have chosen such as DANB . They can then search to their heart’s content without ever having to come ask, “What songs do you have?”,saving you a ton of time! Instead you’ll now hear, “I’d like to sing Always by Bon Jovi.” For $15/mo.